Sports Therapy Clinic

Sports Therapy Clinic is a brand new state of art rehabilitation service designed to provide outstanding treatment facility for students, local communities, and staff. Whilst, deliver cutting-edge support to scholars and elite athletes to recover from injuries. Bounce Back Physio and Rehab is a sports therapy clinic in Brantford equipped with the finest range of equipment to handle all, skeletal issues, movement dysfunction, pain and others issues.
In fact, it is a multi-disciplinary clinic, which offer physical therapy, shockwave therapy, massage and chiropractic therapy. Further, no referral is required for the treatment, we have a team of a highly experienced therapists that provides treatment and comprehensive assessment for

At Bounce Back Physio and rehab, we strive to provide a progressive form of treatment that includes pioneering teaching from physiotherapist, sports masseurs and osteopaths. We aim to improve the quality of life as quickly and effectively we can. So feel free to connect with us for consultancy.