Shockwave Therapy

What Is Shockwave Therapy?


Shockwave therapy involves a burst of high-intensity energy waves into injured soft tissues, contain adhesions or inflamed. Shockwaves increase blood flow, improve healing response, reduce muscle spasm, breaks down calcium deposits and adhesions.


How Does It Work?


Shockwave therapy involves sending a burst of high-intensity energy sound waves into affected soft tissues. Which help to promotes tissue regeneration and revascularization(make new blood vessels).  These Shockwaves stimulate collagen production, dissolve calcium, reverse chronic inflammation, tissue recovery via new blood vessel formation thereby increasing circulation, tissue metabolism and bone strength.  In simple words, shockwave can help reduce and ultimately resolve your pain by providing accelerated tissue repair and growth, restoring mobility, and providing an analgesic effect to let you get back to your usual self and activities.


Shockwave Therapy in Brantford is renowned for its outstanding results. This multidisciplinary device is further used in physiotherapy, orthopaedic, urology, sports medicine and veterinary medicine. Its mobility restoration and fast pain relief are its matchless assets.  Albeit, being a non-surgical therapy, during this treatment, the patient don’t need to take painkillers. Therefore it is an ideal therapy to cure indications responsible for the chronic or acute pain.


Conditions in which Shockwave Therapy can help:-


At Bounce Back Physio and Rehab, we have an experience of passing acoustic waves carrying high energy to myoskeletal tissues with chronic or sub-acute conditions. Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive solution, so go for it. Most patients experience mild discomfort but it is temporary and easily bearable.