Brantford Physiotherapy Clinic

At Bounce Back Physio and Rehab, we really want every person to come in the practice to have a satisfying experience not only with the outcome of treatment but also how they are attended, received and valued. Our 
Physiotherapy Clinic in Brantford is committed to offer the highest level of care combining evidence-based practice and clinical experience.

We offer Direct Billing for physiotherapy in Brantford which makes the billing process easy for our valuable patients. Please Call519-900-6702 or Visit 222 Fairview Dr. Unit 104, Brantford to know more about us.

Physiotherapy promotes mobility, wellness and independent function. It is a primary health care profession, therefore physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of body movements, what keeps it moving and how to restore its lost mobility.


Our Physiotherapist can treat:-


At Bounce Back Physio and Rehab, leading Brantford Physiotherapy Clinic, we have attained proficiency in the performance management and clinically based practice. Further, we regularly communicate with specialists, family physicians and surgeons on progress, assessment and discharge status of the patient. If you are looking around for the Brantford Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy in BrantfordBrantford Physiotherapy Clinic or “Physiotherapy Near me”, for the treatment of neck pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, vertigo and relative injuries then you are at right place. We understand everyone is unique therefore, we reassess the condition and tailor a treatment plan based on your condition and goals. We assure to provide with a home exercise plan so that once you are discharged from our physiotherapy clinic, you can still continue the exercises and protect yourself from injury.


Treatment Techniques We Commonly Use in Physiotherapy


Hand On Physiotherapy

One on One physiotherapy. Includes Mobilisation (Manual Therapy) and Soft Tissue Release.


Electrotherapy Modalities

Therapeutic Ultrasound and IFC helps to relieve  pain and inflammation. It also helps to increase circulation and encourages healing of the tissues.


Active Rehab

Therapeutic exercises are helpful to improve posture,  mobility, range of motion and strengthen muscle.


In Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Services at your home at your time ! Depends upon availability.


Shockwave Therapy

Great results with this advanced therapy in Tendonitis, Bursitis and Adhesions.


Sports Therapy

Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation related to specific type of sports.


Active Release Technique

Releasing the tight and sore muscles. Very effective to break the muscle adhesions.



Using Silicone Cupping, M2T Blade and Graston techniques to release tissues.



K Taping and Rock Taping to enhance performance, increase circulation and to provide support. Helps in fast recovery.

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