Orthotics In Brantford

Faulty alignment of your foot and fallen arches can be the reason of your heel pain, low back pain, hip and knee pain.

If your feet have lost the ability to flex and return to their original position. Due to this, you are experiencing uncertain hunch while walking or running.

Then don’t worry, however, this is not a big issue which can’t be treated. A simple fixture with a wedge of right shape under feet is enough to solve this problem. Orthotics in Brantford or Custom orthotics are a simple and effective device which can be worn to correct ankle and foot related problems without undergoing any surgery. Orthotic reduce stress and strain by improving the alignment of feet. Its purpose is to support midfoot, hindfoot and forefoot, aside from that, lower extremities to relieve pain,  to provide appropriate foot posture.

Orthotics help in a variety of conditions


At Bounce Back Physio and Rehab, we offer Brantford Orthotics service, so you don’t need to bear the pain anymore just take a step ahead in the healthy lifestyle. We have experienced staff that will cast your foot, do the gait assessment and make the custom-made foot orthotics as per the requirement of your condition.