Braces and Splints in Brantford

We are the leading prosthetics clinic in Brantford. We offer high quality custom made, over the counter braces and splints. Most of our braces are made in Germany.

Our Braces and Splints are state of the art designs and are capable of treating all your body parts from head to Toe. Our experienced staff can help you finding the best brace, depending on your specific condition. 
All our Braces and Splints in Brantford are covered under your extended healthcare Benefit (EHC) plan. We also help and guide our patients if they want to use the Benefits for their braces and splints. We also provide all the information required for billing to your insurance companies and also help throughout the billing process.

Our most common braces and splints are :

Tennis Elbow Band
Knee Braces for soft tissue Injuries like ACL or Meniscus tear
Unloader Knee Brace for osteoarthritis
Lumbar Support 
Ankle Brace for sprain and strain
Braces and Splints for Hand, Wrists and Elbow
Ankle Foot Orthoses AFO